Clavell Tower

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Clavell Tower - The Night
The Clavell Tower stands on top of Hen Cliff, just east of Kimmeridge Bay, Dorset. The Grade II listed tower was built in 1830 but stood empty and increasingly derelict from the First World War until 2002, by which time the continuously crumbling Kimmeridge shales had left it standing perilously close to the edge of the cliff and in real danger of falling off. The only feasible way to save it was to dismantle it and re-erect it on sounder footings, further back from the cliff’s edge and work on this ambitious project began in 2006. The Tower is now in the care of the Landmark Trust and can be rented as a holiday cottage. We were lucky enough to stay there for a few days, although the climb up the very steep and seemingly endless steps from the parking area far below with all our stuff, including the dog's bed, coffee machine (not the dog's - ours!) and all my camera gear made me wish I'd travelled a bit lighter! It is a wonderful place to stay though and if you get the chance, take it.
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